What does working remote securely have to do with Public Cloud?

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2 min readMay 24, 2021


At Vega we think technology and in particular Public Cloud infrastructure is still too complex and difficult to use. Not all businesses can afford a Cloud Architect on staff to work on infrastructure, nor do they need them full time. The massive business boom of Cloud Computing has created one of the greatest technical labor deficits in history.

Take a look at your favorite job search engine and do a quick search for Cloud Architect or AWS skills or something along those lines. You will quickly realize how many businesses are competing for the same types of resources (hint: its 10’s of thousands). Yet there are not even hundreds of these types of skilled technical folks unemployed today. Which means you will either be poaching from another business or you are going to try and build your own cloud expertise.

This situation has created a perfect storm with the intersection between a decade-long technical labor deficit, an ecosystem of growing cloud complexity and recent increases in digital transformation that are driving peak growth rates year over year.

This perfect storm is creating challenges in a number of ways:

1) Slower implementation time as businesses try to educate their workforce and grow their own cloud capabilities (this is measured in months, sometimes years)

2) Cloud Waste is at an all time high ($15 Billion annually by some sources). This is driven by speed to implement and best practices for cost management are usually an afterthought.

3) Security breaches and Ransomware are also at or near peak levels. According to the FBI, the massive shift to work from home or telework has created an easy path for Hackers to take advantage of.

What’s the solution?

At Vega we have been working with Public Cloud infrastructure for over a decade. Optimizing for cost, performance, security, reliability and more are second nature to us. But just having the skills isn’t enough. Vega launched WorkRemote to help businesses deploy secure, cost optimized cloud infrastructure in minutes.

With WorkRemote businesses can get back to working safe and securely no matter where they are. Drop us a line to learn more — info@vegacloud.io



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