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4 min readFeb 23, 2021

Take advantage of the benefits

Having a solid DevOps team leads to making a company successful. Not only is the DevOps team made up of software engineers that are excellent developers, but they must also have a solid understanding of cloud computing and how cloud systems work. With Vega Cloud, DevOps will be able to easily build, test, and maintain cloud infrastructures with little-to-no downtime. Vega does this by providing three core value pillars as definitive value to developers:

  • bringing visibility and custom organization
  • simplifying scale management
  • offering optimization opportunities

The good news is that the value Vega provides does not require folks to use DevOps. DevOps, in its simplest form, is a method rooted in automation/configuration management to help developers deploy and manage infrastructure alongside their application code. Our core value pillars play very well with developers in general, and very specifically with teams pursuing DevOps.

Bringing visibility and custom organization to your infrastructure

Today, developers use Cloud Formation, Terraform, or other means of Infrastructure as Code to describe their environments. One major challenge with this is visibility and organization. For example, it is impossible to reference cloud resources by an application name or to quickly ring-fence a group of infrastructure items that are for a Sales Demo.

Have resources visibly available and customize your infrastructure in a way that makes sense to you

These are common tasks that must be hardcoded because they lack a layer above the infrastructure that is used to describe and organize them. A solution? Vega Cloud. Developers can use our API in their CI/CD process to reference things by business application name or to take action on a workload/satellite workload during their deployment process.

Simplifying scale management

This is where the rubber meets the road. Simple actions, like being able to centralize a list of all the infrastructures running in your accounts, is a bigger challenge than it ought to be. Today, DevOps teams can be quickly overwhelmed by the complexity of public cloud service providers. There are separate API endpoints for each service (hundreds of them per provider), each service has its own set of APIs (~1,500 for EC2 alone), and each region has its own copy of all of this (AWS currently has 24 regions).

Easily simply cloud management

Let‘s assume that for a simple resource list you may have 1–2 API calls for each service, you have 4 accounts, and your application uses 6 services. That is a total of over 1,100 API calls just to understand what is running in your accounts right now! Vega can simplify this problem by using just a handful of API calls. We call this Scale Management because when you start using cloud infrastructure at scale, it can be a challenge to just get the basics right.

Offering countless optimization opportunities

Waste can creep into public cloud infrastructure from the start. It’s common for consumers of public cloud to have an average waste of 10–15% of their monthly infrastructure spend, with some exceeding 20%! 🤯

Optimize your cloud for efficiency

As your cloud consumption rises, these numbers can add up very quickly. At Vega, we don’t care why you have waste — we are here to help you do a better job managing it. With the first two items mentioned above — Visibility and Scale Management, Vega quickly gives users the ability to optimize their environments. Parking Dev and Test workloads, or putting a hard budget in place are easy examples and can all be done via API to coordinate with your daily builds.

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