How to easily discover cloud assets and resources at scale

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3 min readFeb 22, 2021

Cloud Resource Discovery Made Simple

The Problem

Discovering your cloud assets and resources when you have multiple accounts is a hard thing to do. If you are not a CLI, script junky, or love playing with the various Cloud Provider SDKs, you’re stuck navigating the minutia of the Cloud Provider consoles. You’re constantly context shifting between cloud providers, accounts, subscriptions, regions, and products. Each additional account you have increases the time it takes to answer a very basic question: What infrastructure do I have deployed today? Even if you enjoy writing bash scripts and piping the results into nicely formatted reports, the time you spent navigating could be time spent tweaking your terraform scripts, learning about the newest service from AWS, AZURE, GCP, or OIC.

The Solution

Enter Vega. Vega makes discovering assets so easy, even the CTO can do it (I am a CTO so I feel like I can make the joke). Once Vega is configured and your cloud provider accounts/subscriptions are onboarded (a simple/agent-less process), you can immediately start scanning your infrastructure and reap the benefits.

Same interface regardless of Cloud provider

Vega provides a consistent resource-level view of your infrastructure regardless of the Cloud provider. No need to learn how to navigate multiple cloud provider consoles.

Different cloud provider accounts in one platform

Common Cloud language

EC2, VMs, EBS, Azure Functions, Lambdas — you name it. Simplify the alphabet soup with a common language for your resources. Vega has developed a common vernacular for the different Cloud provider services and products.

Common Language for Services Accros Cloud Providers

No need to context shift between regions or products

Vega’s resource list combines products and regions into a single viewable listing.

Multiple Products/Services and regions in simple listing

Need more detail? No problem

Just because Vega is summarizing and simplifying your cloud resources doesn’t mean you can’t get to the detail you need. Vega shows both resource-level Tags and allows you to view the detailed JSON response from cloud provider API calls

View Resource LevelTags
View the same JSON returned from Cloud Provider cli

Additional benefits

Vega performs a scheduled nightly discovery or you can refresh manually. Nightly discoveries allow our Recommendation Engine to check for anomalies, changes, and drift and provide you with remediation plans.

Need a simple way to get visibility to all your Cloud Assets and Resources? Give Vega a try.



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