How to avoid being charged for unused cloud waste

The best thing you can do to save money and vast amounts of electricity

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2 min readFeb 22, 2021

The problem with forgetting to turn off your Instances

There are often times when people are pulled in a million different directions at work and finally notice that their cloud provider account has a matured Instance that is active and racking up a huge bill. This is when freak-out mode turns on. Why isn’t there a way to have the Instance terminate after usage to avoid all the extra costs? At Vega Cloud, we have thought about this problem and determined a solution called Timed Instances.

Timed Instances automatically terminate Instances at the end of a set schedule so users don’t have to worry about wasting money if they ever forget to manually terminate the Instances themselves. This way, cloud waste in public cloud environments can be controlled and users can focus on the other million things they have to do.

Timed Instances one of the many features available to be performed on Satellite Workloads
Customize your Time Instance and set your own schedule

It’s that easy

In a Vega Satellite Workload, users can create a “Vega Timed Instance” that will be created in their specific public cloud provider. All users need to do is supply a few configuration parameters for the type of Instance that they want to create. When they configure their Vega Timed Instance, they can choose how long it runs. After that, Vega creates the Instance within their Satellite Workload and gives them endpoints so that they can log onto the Instance.

Once the Instance has expired, Vega will first create a backup so users may access the data later if needed, then terminate the Instance so they are no longer charged in the future.

The team is already working on a few upgrades to Timed Instances.

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