Day 1 Recap at AWS re: Invent with Vega Cloud: A Stellar Start!

Vega Cloud
3 min readNov 28, 2023

As the sun sets on the first day of AWS re: Invent, we at Vega Cloud are over the moon with the incredible start to this galactic gathering. Booth #1650 in the Data Center at the Venetian became a buzzing hub for cloud enthusiasts, partners, and technology trailblazers. Here’s a glimpse into our day among the stars!

Launching into a Universe of Innovation

The Vega Cloud Booth: A Center of Attraction

Our space-themed booth, decked with cosmic decor and interactive displays, attracted a constellation of visitors. The energy was electric as our team of Veganauts engaged with attendees, sharing insights into our cutting-edge cloud solutions and how they are revolutionizing the tech space.

Networking in Orbit

The day’s highlight was our meaningful conversations with fellow cloud aficionados. From discussing the latest industry trends to exploring potential collaborations, the connections we forged today are the building blocks for tomorrow’s innovations.

Stellar Swag and Exclusive Giveaways

The Vega Cloud swag was a hit! Attendees loved the unique Vega Space Vests exclusive to our AWS Partners. The buzz around during the Welcome Reception was palpable, with many eager and enthusiastic Veganauts stopping by to say Hi and check out our Swag. Our stickers and T-shirts were also in high demand, adding a touch of Vega to everyone’s day.

Knowledge Sharing and Learning

Apart from the excitement at our booth for swag, the opening night was a treasure trove of great conversations. We delved deep into topics like cloud optimization with a responsible FinOps approach, achievable innovation, and sustainability. Our team members also made several Vega Platform Demonstrations, showcasing Vega Cloud’s platform for Enterprise FinOps Solutions for the cloud.

Looking Ahead: More to Explore

As we gear up for Day 2, we’re excited to continue this journey of exploration and discovery. We have more interactive sessions planned, and our team is ready to welcome even more visitors to our cosmic corner at booth #1650.

Join us tomorrow for another action-packed day at AWS re: Invent. Whether you’re a seasoned Veganaut or just beginning your cloud voyage, Vega Cloud is here to guide you through the galaxy of cloud technology.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our adventure at AWS re: Invent!



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