Becoming a Cloud Hero: Vega’s Cloud Hero Program and Its Motivations

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2 min readAug 30, 2023

In today’s cloud-centric world, finding the right motivation to optimize cloud spending can be challenging. However, Vega’s Cloud Hero program tackles this issue head-on by aligning employee motivations with company objectives. Below are some reasons behind the Cloud Hero program and how it helps increase our customer’s employee retention, satisfaction, involvement, and awareness, all while delivering tangible cost savings and creating Cloud Heroes.

1. Aligning Motivations with Company Objectives:

The Cloud Hero program understands the importance of aligning the motivations of front-line employees with the company’s objectives. By offering accessible, proactive optimization recommendations, employees become more aware of their cloud environment and the impact of their actions. This alignment fosters a sense of ownership and accountability, making them eager to contribute to the company’s cost-saving initiatives. In return for active participation in optimization efforts, Cloud Hero offers tangible rewards and deserved recognition.

2. Empowering Cloud Heroes: The Power of Recognition:

One of the core motivations of the Cloud Hero program is to ensure that the people behind the actioning curtain are recognized and supported in their efforts. The program’s intelligence engine tracks real-time savings and actioned recommendations, rewarding Cloud Heroes with exclusive perks and Badges. This recognition not only boosts employee satisfaction but also reinforces the value of their contributions to higher-level management.

3. Outcome-Focused and Tangible Results:

The Cloud Hero program is all about delivering tangible results. The metrics, such as hard-dollar cost savings, actions taken in the platform, and Cloud Hero power users, allow FinOps practitioners to measure their progress and impact accurately. The motivation to achieve these quantifiable results drives employees to actively participate in cloud cost optimization, turning them into true Cloud Heroes.

Vega’s Cloud Hero program is a transformative solution for reshaping cloud management by aligning employee motivations with company objectives. Empowering FinOps practitioners through awareness and incentives cultivates accountability and active participation. The program’s recognition of unsung heroes and measurable outcomes drives employees to become dedicated Cloud Heroes, highlighting its innovative approach to engagement, efficiency, and tangible results in cloud technology.

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